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My experience with the Wizard Rock Community

To all it concerns in the wizard rock community, here is, perhaps, a better way to say this:

Firstly, I’m sorry for the miscommunication and rude manner of my last comment on this matter via Twitter and Facebook. Although, I wholeheartedly meant exactly what the core part of that statement was, it did not portray what I really meant to say.

Most of the worst people I’ve ever encountered in my entire life came from the wizard rock community. In a community supposedly based around love, I find that pretty disturbing and sad. However, the wizard rock community has done some amazing things, it’s allowed me to do some amazing things, it’s allowed me to have some amazing times, it’s allowed me to meet some amazing people, and it allowed me to spend time with my best friends in the world more often than I would have been able to otherwise.

Both Ministry of Magic and myself have always been and will always be very thankful for the opportunities we had because of that community, for all our fans, and for anyone who has supported our music or other endeavors. Utilizing the wizard rock community as a creative outlet, it was really important to us that we released the best quality content we could, with what we had, and that was always a fun challenge. We invested a lot into our music, and we had a lot of fun making it for many of you as well as performing it for many of you. And the fact that we were shown so much love from so many of you meant and still means the world to us. 

But after years of witnessing first hand, second hand, and even third hand, an abundance of trash talking behind people’s backs, public shaming, hateful remarks directed at individuals’ worth, smugness, condescension, jealousy, pride, or whatever other useless crap, I’m plenty happy to never have anything to do with that community again. And whether or not you want to have anything to do with me, is entirely up to you. The wizard rock community is not the be all and end all of life. It was merely a chapter in mine, which for me has realistically been over for quite some time.

I’m very aware of the good fortune I’ve had with regards to the wizard rock community, of the ways I personally have benefitted and grown from time I spent in it, and of the people who were hurt by my last statement. I’m sorry if that, or if anything else I’ve ever done, hurt you. I’ve tried to be an outlet for positivitiy and love for the seven years I spent in that community, but where there is love, there are always forces trying to tear it down. The weapon you have is real actual love. The more deeply you understand love, the stronger your weapon.

That is about all I have to say about my experience with wizard rock and its community.

RIP Ministry of Magic

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